Violations of probation


At The Law Office of John Vernon Moore, P.A. we believe that everyone is entitled to high-quality legal representation. If you find yourself facing a violation of probation or violation of community control, we handle such cases in Florida.

Probation in Florida

Probation” is a sort of supervision ordered by a court in some circumstances where a person is found guilty of certain “eligible” types of crimes. If you are placed on probation, you will be designated a probation officer who will supervise if you fulfill the conditions ordered by the court and will be notified of the conditions and the term of your status. Community control is more stringent and stricter in that it is a supervised release, typically involving more stringent conditions such as home containment and electronic monitoring.

If you violate any of the imposed conditions within the period of probation or community control, your probation or community control may be violated. In such a case, the arrest procedure will be initiated by your supervising officer.

Consequences for charges of Probation

If you’re convicted of a probation violation charge, you can get the original jail or jail sentence for the crime for which you have probation or community control. No time you have spent successfully serving probation or community control will be taken into account in the sentence. In other words, if the original sentence was five years, and you served six months’ probation successfully, you could still be sentenced to the original five-year jail term.


In Florida, defending the Violation of Probation case can be challenging because the standard of proof is much lower than in a trial, although the punishment may be the same. People who violate their probation, as only a judge hears and decides the case, do not have the right to a jury trial over the violation hearing. That is why having an experienced attorney is vital.

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If you or someone you know has been arrested in Florida for a violation of probation / community control, you should contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer At The Law Office of John Vernon Moore, P.A.

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