Auto Accident Personal Injury Law in Florida

The effect of a car crash can be both devastating and life changing; it can be said to be the most traumatic experience any human can go through in life. Brevard County has one of the highest car accidents in the state of Florida because of the volume of traffic. This...

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Criminal Law (Specific to Florida Law)

According to French sociologist Émile Durkheim, crime will always be part of human society. Durkheim's theory does seem to hold an iota of truth, as efforts made by good men to completely eradicate crime from society all through the centuries have failed. But even if...

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Family Law Specific to Florida Law

Certain laws are known to govern the resolution of issues related to marriage and family crises in the state of Florida. Florida Divorce Laws Divorce in marriage is part of the sad reality that can happen in that institution and as such, we have to be prepared for...

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