In Florida, divorce appeals can be highly technical and challenging. Divorce court orders will not always be fair or equitable. The judge must show that he has ignored the evidence, ignored the law or was so fundamentally unfair that a higher court will find that they have abused their discretion. If you think your decision on divorce is legally unsound, you have the right to appeal. At this moment, you will need to hire an appellate attorney. 

If you are in Florida, you can speak to our appellate attorneys at the John Vernon, Moore P.A. Law Firm. 

Divorce Appeal Attorneys in Florida

As Family laws can be complicated for ordinary persons, you need to hire an expert appeal attorney to file an appeal. Time limits need to be considered and relevant documents to apply. You need to learn the form of appeal that applies to you to win your appeal, why your original court ordered a divorce decision to be reconsidered, and what Florida divorce laws mean about your particular situation.

It won’t be quick but it’s certainly worth filing with an accomplished divorce appeal attorney. You have the right to appeal most orders or decisions handed down by a court in Florida. The procedure and nature of an appeal differ according to the form of decision. But there are certain requirements that should be in place to allow your family law order for a successful appeal. 

Appeals for divorce are particularly complex. You must file the correct form of appeal and send sound supporting documentation to be successful. It can be overwhelming and tedious. An experienced divorce attorney’s assistance can make the process a lot easier for you.

The divorce attorneys at John Vernon Moore Law Firm are keenly aware of deadlines and the extensive research and data needed to effectively present an appeal. In most cases, a Florida divorce appeal must be filed within a month of the final divorce decree’s delivery. It is essential that we begin working for you as soon as a potential error is found.

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