Domestic Violence

Domestic violence cases must be handled very carefully by an experienced domestic violence attorney in Florida, due to Florida’s minimum mandatory sentencing and increased public attention to domestic violence.

Domestic violence is described as any assault, battery, stalking, sexual assault or sexual battery, kidnapping, false imprisonment, or any other criminal offense committed by the victim’s family or member of the household that leads in physical injury or death, according to Florida law. Under that interpretation, “family or household member” includes spouses, former spouses or any other blood or marriage relationship. For most cases, members of the family or household must either currently reside together, or have lived together earlier.
When police receive a domestic violence report, they will often make an arrest even if the complaining party express a desire not to bring charges against them. Once the arrest has been made, it is up to the State of Florida, through the State Office attorney, to decide whether to bring formal charges or dismiss the case.

False allegations

In custody disputes, making false allegations of domestic violence or child abuse against the other parent is a typical tactic for one party to. The child may in many cases be coached to say or act in some way to make the allegations sound more believable. If you are accused falsely, you should speak with our lawyer.

Restraining orders

Victims of domestic violence in Florida could seek protection through a restraining order from an abusive spouse, partner, or co-parent. Restraining orders can make it impossible for the subject of the restraining order to contact a victim in person or by electronic communication, or to arrive within a certain distance of victims or their family.
Domestic Violence Attorney in Florida

If you’ve been charged with domestic violence, you need an experienced attorney’s help in building the best legal strategy for your case.

The John Vernon Moore, P.A., Law Firm can help with years of experience serving individuals in Melbourne and throughout Florida who face accusations of domestic violence. Representing you, we will work directly with you through every step of your case to ensure you get the comprehensive defense you deserve.

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