Surgical Errors

Patients who are victims of surgical mistakes should contact a lawyer at the Law Office of John Vernon Moores P.A. Florida, as soon as possible. Many states have a statute of limitations on how long a patient can lodge a suit for surgical error after a surgical procedure is performed. In the state of Florida the statute of limitations is two years for all types of medical malpractice.

Our expert attorney will be able to assist victims of surgical errors, as well as family members who have suffered a loved one’s loss due to surgical errors. Our Surgical incident Attorneys will be able to provide guidance on what monetary compensation can be provided to victims, to help with medical expenses and other costs that are directly the result of surgical error.

Many different mistakes can happen during a surgical procedure. While many reasons can complicate surgery, doctors must be careful in assessing the situation and preventing any complications. Lack of physician knowledge during surgery can be risky. An occurrence of surgical error may include hospital staff other than surgeons for instance, in many cases of surgical error the operating room nurses and anesthesiologists were found to be at fault.

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Some of the most common surgical errors are:

  • Negligence during Anesthesia procedure
  • Bowel or organ perforation
  • Incorrect procedures
  • Surgery performed on the incorrect part of the body
  • Surgical instruments or other things left inside the patient’s body
  • Unhygienic equipment used
  • Nerves damaged during the procedure
  • Surgeries taking more time than usual

Most type of these errors happens during gastric bypass surgeries, laparoscopic procedures, obstetric procedures, and plastic surgeries.

The biggest reason for these types of errors in surgeries happen due to overworked and Fatigue surgeons and hospital staff. This is where you require our services, as our experienced attorneys will assess the real root cause of the incident which has resulted in the hospital during a surgical procedure.

People undergo surgery, hoping to save or improve their lives. Unfortunately, the same is not true when a member of the surgeon or medical team makes a significant operating mistake. Surgical errors lead sadly to life-threatening infections, additional surgical procedures, and sometimes even death.

Please call us now at the Law Office of John Vernon Moores P.A. Florida if you or your loved one has been a victim of a wrong surgical procedure.

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