Collaborative Divorce

What is Collaborative Divorce?

Most people think of divorce as a heated argument in the courts between two parties who are unable to compromise on something. While this is a typical scenario, divorce isn’t always such a tense process especially when an attorney from the law office of John Vernon, Moore P.A. is on your side.

In Florida the method of collaborative divorce law is a revolutionary family law progress. Collaborative family law provides you a non-adversarial process in which you and your partner work together as a team with qualified experts to settle conflicts with dignity, privacy and without going to court. Every partner has the support, protection and advice of their own attorney during the process in a Collaborative Divorce.

The clients and attorneys enter into a binding agreement in this case, agreeing to settle all conflicts without interference by the court. If settlement fails the attorneys have to withdraw. This makes the Divorce Collaborative Approach special. 

Collaborative law participation agreement

When you are considering having a collaborative divorce in Florida, you and your partner will be required to adhere to an official collaborative law participation agreement. This agreement also restricts litigation of the divorce case. 

The Agreement allows the parties to discuss until they have successfully resolved their divorce and then the matter filed with the Court is only after a settlement has been reached.

When the case has been concluded and the Marital Settlement Agreement and Parenting Plan enforced, the documents will be filed with the Court and the Court will then be able to dissolve the marriage after a simple five minute hearing.

Florida Collaborative Divorce Attorney

The collaborative law lawyers can not represent either side if the case is a litigated, contested case, but the collaborative lawyer will prepare court pleadings and file the case in court and stand with you at the final hearing and present to the Court the settlement agreement and final judgment for the case. We emphasize the value of being vigilant when going through a divorce. We understand the effects of divorce on your overall wellbeing, and we want to recommend the least risky methods.

If you believe collaborative divorce may be a possibility for you, please contact the law office of John Vernon, Moore P.A. us today.

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