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We at the Law Office of John Vernon Moore P.A. assist victims of wrongful death in Florida.

The death of a loved is the most difficult time in someone’s life, particularly if it happens as a result of an accident or is caused by someone’s negligence, carelessness or wrongful act. When you’ve lost a family member, you’re not only left behind to deal with loss, but you might also be concerned about your financial future when you face the cost of medical costs and the lack of financial help that the deceased would have offered you.

Our wrongful death lawyers at the Law Office of John Vernon Moore P.A., know that there’s nothing that can make the agony of death go away and nothing you wouldn’t give up to get your loved one up. We do agree, however, that after a death you have to be realistic and do everything possible to look after your financial future. Our goal is to help you protect your legal rights and get complete and equal compensation for the death of your loved one so that you can move on with your life the best you can without financial hardship.

Wrongful death claims can arise in any situation where a person or entity does something negligent, careless or in breach of his legal obligation and the wrongful or negligent action is the direct cause of a death. For example, some situations that might lead to a wrongful death claim include an automobile accident, a medical procedure gone wrong, a fatal fall due to unavailability of precautionary signs at a certain premise, A drowning accident in an unsecured swimming pool of a hotel, A fatal dog attack unleashed outside someone’s house or a defective product that caused a fatal injury.

In these and other situations, you can take action through our qualified attorneys against whoever was responsible for letting your loved one down in a way that directly led to injury and death. Your claim can be resolved by negotiating a settlement with the responsible party (or his insurer) outside of court or by proving a wrongful death case in a court of law.

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Wrongful Death Laws in Florida and Your Legal Rights

Under the law, persons, corporations, and even government bodies that cause death as a result of their negligent and careless actions can be held legally liable. Wrong death laws allow close family members such as husbands and wives, young children or parents of children who have been killed to make a claim in court for compensation for:

  • Hospital bills incurred to treat the deceased’s injuries before death
  • Funeral costs and expenses
  • Lost income/wages that the deceased should have received during his lifetime and provided support where the deceased’s injuries occurred

You may require impartial witnesses such as actuarial consultants to provide details on the deceased’s life expectancy and earning potential. A wrongful death lawyer will help you create a very solid case and you’ll get the financial compensation you need and deserve after your family member is taken away from you.

That is why you should seek the input of a capable attorney for the answers and guidance you need. The Law Office of John Vernon Moore P.A. has been practicing Florida wrongful death law for decades. We have helped to restore the financial resources of many victims families facing disastrous emotional and financial losses. so that you can talk to an experienced legal professional about your situation.

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