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A Health Care Surrogate Designation is useful in a situation for a person, should they become ill, a healthy-minded individual appoints someone else to decide all medical treatment and make all medical decisions for them.

The Estate Planning lawyer at the Law Office of John Vernon Moore is here to assist you if you or a loved one has not yet appointed a Health Care Surrogate. It can be very hard to make end-of-life care choices, but it is an integral part of a well crafted estate plan.

Appointing a Healthcare Surrogate in Florida

A good estate planning attorney recognizes that the health and well-being of a person is just as important, if not more important, than his or her financial security. Florida lawmakers have also recognized this, and have codified laws in this state to uphold the basic right of self-determination of every citizen when it comes to making health care decisions. These new laws authorize a resident of Florida to appoint a surrogate for health care to ensure that the right of the person to make a decision about his or her health is not lost to physical or mental disability.

What can a Health Care Surrogate do?

A Health Care surrogate can perform the following duties:

  • Consult with doctors and other health care professionals diligently on your medical treatment;
  • Give informed consent in matters of medical action on your behalf;
  • Make health care decisions that you have acknowledged as your preference and desire; if you have not made these preferences clear, the surrogate would then make choices based on what he or she feels you would have preferred if you were able to articulate your wishes;
  • Apply on your behalf for public benefits to help pay the cost of health care;
  • Register and apply for public benefits on your behalf to help cover the expense of health care/
  • Perform various other duties.

Contact our Estate Planning Attorney

At Law Office of John Vernon Moore, we are committed to helping Florida families prepare for the future. When you come to us to discuss your needs and goals, we can help you successfully establish someone as your Health Care Surrogate or explore other appropriate Advance Health Care Directives.

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