Gun Crimes

As a consequence of being convicted of a gun or weapon charge under Florida law, you can face serious financial and legal repercussions. A firearms prevention act has been enforced by the State of Florida that severely penalizes offenders convicted of gun, firearm or arms charges.

Our Melbourne weapons lawyers at the Law Office of John Vernon Moore P.A. work closely with clients to make them aware of any possible defenses and consequences.

  • Typical gun crimes charges
  • Improper exhibition of firearm
  • Carrying a concealed gun without a license
  • Discharging or possessing a firearm in a school
  • Giving a minor (16 and younger) access to a firearm
  • Gun possession as a convicted felon


Possession of a gun or firearm during a criminal act requires a minimum sentence punishable by a mandatory 10-year jail sentence. During a criminal act, the firing or discharge of a gun or firearm requires minimum sentences punishable by mandatory imprisonment for 20 years.

Causing serious bodily injury from a gun or firearm during a criminal act requires the punishable sentence of a minimum sentence of 25 years to life.

The right to bear arms in Florida

The Constitution of the United States gives you the right to bear arms, but that right is in danger of being deprived of you in most cases. For a variety of reasons residents of Florida have had their weapons seized. Many residents were charged with gun crime while their firearms were being transported. Florida allows residents to carry a firearm, securely locked into their transport vehicle. Many times police officers misunderstand the law and charge a gun crime on the individual. You are granted the right to possess a legal firearm.0

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Florida laws severely punish people convicted of illegal gun or possession of weapons. Considering the severe punishment Florida has for gun crimes, it is essential that offenders seek combative representation.

Our gun crime lawyers are proficient to assist clients with the issues and problems that come with gun and arms charges defenses. We may be able to get charges reduced or dropped or negotiate a diversion program on your behalf, or probation instead of jail time. Protect your legal rights; today, contact our lawyers at the Law Office of John Vernon Moore P.A. to handle your case.

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