Probate Law and Process


When a loved one dies, members of the family of the deceased will have to go through a procedure known as probate to manage the estate of the deceased. Probate is a mandatory court-supervised legal procedure used after death for the verification and administration of the assets of a person. This legal procedure varies from state to state and is important to ensure that assets are properly allocated to beneficiaries and any creditors are paid.

The Law Office of John Vernon Moore is devoted to probate and estate administration matters throughout the state of Florida and can fully assist you in these matters.

Probate Law and Process

Three key types of probate exist under Florida law: formal administration, summary administration, and disposition without administration. Probate is the formal method of validating a deceased’s will and carrying out the administration of the deceased’s estate or where there is no legal will, the estate is settled according to intestacy laws. Probate specifies that the assets of the deceased, including assets, are passed according to the will of the deceased or intestacy laws.

Florida has its own collection of laws on probate that spell out the criteria of the process of probate. The court decides if the will is valid once a will is offered for probate. The legal document that regulates the administration of the estate becomes a valid will. The deceased does not have a will in other situations, but has assets that must go through probate. If this occurs, there is a statute on intestacy in Florida law that dictates the heirs of the estate.

The probate process also involves paying off the final debts of the deceased, deciding the rights of creditors and recipients, and determining the value of the assets/properties of the deceased.

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