Effectively resolving your complex divorce and family law cases through Mediation!

Divorce can be complex, time-consuming and stressful emotionally. We think it is very important that you work quickly and with a problem-solving mentality to get you through the process quickly. 

Mediation is an incredibly powerful method that divorce attorneys in Florida can use to help settle all sorts of problems that may occur during a divorce. It includes using a neutral, impartial mediator who is familiar with divorce law to help negotiate a divorce settlement between the parties involved. Our professional mediators, who are mainly family lawyers, possess the skills and experience to act as mediators.

The mediation process is structured to be informal and pleasant, and is completely confidential. The goal is to reach an agreement with both sides which they will be satisfied with. Offers and counteroffers will be made between the two parties before an agreement can be reached on divorce settlement. By listening to the desire of both parties, the mediator will attempt to construct a suitable plan. Often, this requires a give and take process between parties. Successful mediation likely involves a series of concessions from both sides.

Mediation is cost-effective

Many of those who went through divorce mediation successfully remember it is a much less costly alternative to litigation. In general, the expense of litigation is an mystery before the case is resolved.

Florida Divorce Mediation Attorneys

The mediation attorney at the John Vernon, Moore P.A. Law Firm are all very experienced in bringing cases to the mediators and going through the whole process. And if you and your partner want to go to court after having sorted out some of the mediation disputes, you also have the added advantage of having come to a solution to some of the sensitive issues.

So do not wait further and contact us our Law Office of J. Vernon Moore immediately if you are in Florida and let us handle your case since our team holds the experience with mediation concerning divorce and family law cases.

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