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In Florida being charged with a drug crime is a serious issue, as the narcotics laws of the state are among the nation’s harshest. The Law office of John Vernon Moore P.A. is ready to assist you no matter how your charges are involved, or whether you have a previous criminal record. Our drug crime attorneys aim to manage clients through the legal system with comfort, from thorough investigations to courtroom management.

While relatively minor drug possession charges may result in imprisonment, a conviction for more serious drug offense may result in lengthy incarceration, probation, and substantial fines. If you’ve been charged with a drug crime, it’s essential that you have the best criminal defense attorney on your side.

Types of Drug Crimes

The types of Drug Crimes in Florida include:

  • Drug Possession or Possession with mala fide intention to sell
  • Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana
  • Felony Possession of Marijuana
  • Possession of Cocaine
  • Possession of a Controlled Substance
  • Prescription Drug Charges
  • Obtaining a Controlled Substance by Fraud
  • Cultivation of Marijuana / Growhouses
  • Drug Trafficking

Drug Crimes consequences in Florida

Penalties for drug-related crimes in Florida can be very severe and can vary widely based on previous convictions and the level of offense of the current crime, which is why contacting our experienced attorney is very important. If this is your first drug offense, or your offense is a simple possession of drugs, you may be eligible for various programs that will allow the state to drop your charges or the court to dismiss them. T he penalties may include anything from probation, attending a drug treatment program, or mandatory jail time that ranges from a few months to life in jail.

Drug Crimes defenses

Even if the police find drugs directly in a person’s possession, but failed to follow the legal procedures required by law, the drugs and other evidence could be discarded. One of the very first things that our drug defense attorneys are looking for when defending someone who is accused of a drug offense is whether the police have acted legally.

Other defenses involve areas like whether the actual weight of the substance was right when hydration was permitted, whether the chemical composition of the substance was right as charged, whether there was joint or constructive possession of the substance that could subject the case to a motion to dismiss and whether the accused was induced by law enforcement in committing the offense or by the informants. When handling your case, we look at your case from every corner.

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If you have been charged with drug distribution, drug possession, drug trafficking or any other drug-related crime, contact our Florida drug offense defense attorney at the Law Office of John Vernon Moore P.A.

We pride ourselves on representing and caring for our clients. We know the destruction a drug conviction, addiction or incarceration can bring to an individual or his / her family for a drug crime. We will address your concerns and navigate you through this frustrating process, working to remove the chaos and confusion that comes with the charge of drug offense; all while seeking the result that is most beneficial to you or your loved one.

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