Estate Planning and Probate

It can be an emotional and depressing process to think and prepare for the end of life, so getting an estate plan in place can mitigate some of the confusion and tension. Specifying directions for your treatment in the event of your disability, and avoiding family disputes upon your death beforehand is something you need to do today.

There are many instruments and many factors to be taken into account when preparing your estate plan in Florida, from forming Power of Attorneys and to drafting Wills. At the Law Office of John Vernon Moore, P.A, our seasoned Florida estate planning attorney will help you decide how to best accomplish your estate planning goals and purposes.

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Florida Estate Planning

No one lives forever, and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. While you still have the chance, it is important to take the great opportunity to get your affairs in order. Anyone who wishes that the assets are passed after they die to the loved ones should consider creating a structured estate plan. If you are unable to speak for yourself, this valuable collection of legal tools will make it easier for your family to ensure that your desires and needs are met.
The process of estate planning includes: setting and identifying goals; becoming familiar with the legal terms, tools, and basic rules of Estate tax; collecting the necessary information; designing, drafting, and executing a personalized estate plan that achieves individually tailored outcomes.

Dying Intestate in Florida
In Florida, if you die without an estate plan, known as “dying intestate,” everything is subject to probate in your estate. According to Florida law and a judge’s discretion, this court-supervised process identifies your assets, pays your unpaid debts, and distributes the remaining assets to your beneficiaries. Probate can be lengthy, exhausting, and costly. A large portion of the family’s inheritance will be spent on lawyers’ fees and legal expenses alone.

If you hire the Law Office of John Vernon Moore, P.A., to craft a comprehensive estate plan, using the law to shield your assets from probate—and your family from unnecessary heartache—will be one of our main objectives.

Handling All of Your Estate-Planning Needs

We handle a broad range of estate planning case types. We can help you with:

  • Wills
  • Probate
  • Revocable trusts
  • Special needs trusts
  • Durable powers of attorney
  • Health care surrogates
  • Living wills
  • Joint tenancy with rights of survivorship
  • And much more.

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Peace of mind means everything and, with only a little planning, it can be yours. Let’s do the heavy lift. We will provide you with detailed and efficient advice you can count on.

You have only one life—make the most of it. Secure what you have received for the sake of your family. Contact the Law Office of John Vernon Moore, P.A today.

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