Will Contest


A will is intended to ensure that the properties and assets of the creator are dispersed according to his or her wishes, rather than passed in accordance with the intestate succession law of Florida. It is important to engage an experienced and professional Florida probate attorney when misconduct leads to a dispute over the distribution of assets from an estate.

Any party seeking to challenge a will must have both the legal position and the legal basis for doing so. Remember, there are also specific deadlines for a contest to be filed which is why you need an estate planning attorney on your side. If you believe your inheritance rights have been violated, you should move quickly to protect yourself and contact the Law Office of John Vernon Moore in Melbourne, Florida.

Florida Will Contest

When anyone dies in Florida, the aims of the courts and the law are to divide the estate of the decedent according to the wishes of the decedent. This also suggests that, according to the Will, the court wishes to allocate the estate to the beneficiaries of the deceased. However, for many reasons, a beneficiary can contest a decedent’s Will in court. These threats to the will of a deceased are known in Florida as Will contests.

In Florida probate court, there are many reasons an individual may challenge a Will. One of the most common explanations for a Will contest is that the deceased didn’t execute the Will properly. Florida has very clear laws regulating Wills and Trusts.

Consult an Experienced Florida Will Contest Attorney as Soon as Possible

The timeframe is tight for contesting a will, but that’s not the only justification for moving quickly to obtain legal advice and representation. The time after a loved one’s death is often difficult and disagreement over the will of the deceased can strain family relationships and lead on both sides to unproductive and even counterproductive action.

A competent legal advocate at the Law office of John Vernon Moore will help keep the conflict centered on the factors that will decide the result of a contest where it matters.


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