Military Divorces

For most families, it is tough enough but large distances and often long deployment times away from spouses and children produce a very high rate of divorce among military personnel. There are certain problems that may arise from a divorce involving one military spouse.

If you are a military personal stationed at home or abroad, we at The Law Office of John Vernon Moore, P.A. understand the difficulty and stress that Marines, Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard personnel have with constant travel and relocation requirements.

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Handling Military Divorce matters in Florida

The first problem for military members of any Florida divorce is whether Florida courts have jurisdiction, or legal authority, over marriage and personal jurisdiction – ex: the right to make direct rulings against the non-filing party. Our professional attorneys have the relevant knowledge to cope up with such matters.

One of the main challenges faced by military men and women as they begin their marriage divorce process is what will happen to their military pension if they get divorced. If you or your spouse are in the military so in your divorce case there are special conditions whether either or both of you are or are receiving a military pension.

Military divorces are no different from non-military divorces: property, debt, children and spousal support must all be handled.

There are specific issues for military members:

  • How to split the military pension;
  • How to calculate income for Florida child support measure and spousal support purposes;
  • How to establish parenting plans when the military member is deployed in another state or country;
  • What to do when the military member is moved to another state after the court has ratified a parenting plan?

For all these answers and to tackle these issues, you need to speak to an experienced attorney at our law firm.

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