Theft Crimes


The category of theft crime is one of the largest and broadest types in the area of criminal law. A theft-related charge can come from virtually any context, from low level misdemeanors to life-in-prison felony sentences.

A theft crime conviction can carry its penalties into your future long by leaving a mark on your criminal record and automatically infuriating any future encounters with the law. Do not take the charge lightly but seek representation for the defense immediately at the Law firm of John Vernon Moore P.A. in Florida.

Defining Theft in Florida

Florida § 812.014 defines theft as an act in which a person knowingly obtains or uses another person’s property to deny the other person access to their property, or to misuse the property for his own benefit. Depending on the stolen property the intensity of the charge can vary. If you have been charged with a crime of theft, it’s best to seek legal advice from our attorney who will defend your rights aggressively.

Different types of Theft Crimes in Florida

There are many actions of completely different natures that could be considered as theft, including:

  • Robbery
  • Burglary
  • Shoplifting
  • Embezzlement
  • Fraud

The most common types of theft crimes are petit theft and grand theft.

Petit Theft: Theft that involves stolen property or money which is valued at less than $300. Shoplifting is a well-known act of petit theft. Petit theft is punished as a misdemeanor unless certain aggravating factors (repeated offenses, the use of weapons, the threat of violence) are involved in the execution.

Grand Theft: Grand theft is a felony level offense that involves the theft of property or money valued at more than $300. Grand theft can also be made a more serious crime if the defendant is accused of using weapons or violence in obtaining the stolen property.

Penalties for a conviction of theft may include long prison terms, prison term, and probation and victim restitution payments.

Our aim is to help our clients avoid conviction wholly, if possible. We apply our many years of practical knowledge and skill to the advantage of our clients in helping to resolve these issues in the most favorable manner possible. The attorneys at the Law firm of John Vernon Moore P.A., possess the experience and skills to handle such case. Please feel free to contact our attorneys for advice.

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