Slip & Fall Injuries

One can slip and fall any day anywhere which can become the reason of a simple or serious injury. It could be a wet floor or a loose mat in a restaurant or a cafe, a slippery floor at a grocery store or a shopping mall that causes you to fall, and all of a sudden you’re hurt and your life and that of your family is temporarily or permanently disturbed. Property owners are directly responsible for ensuring sufficient precautions are in place to prevent incidents. Specialized attorneys at our law firm of John Vernon Moore P.A. can help prove that they can be responsible for your injury, and may be forced to pay compensation to you for your injury and loss. 

Fortunately, Florida protects the safety rights of customers by placing a duty of responsibility on business establishments to ensure safe premises. When this responsibility is compromised and a slip and fall happens, it’s time to contact an experienced slip & fall attorneys to claim damages for the losses you’ve sustained.

When you sustain a serious impact to your back or neck, it can fracture your spinal cord or compress and damage the nerves near to the spinal cord. This type of injury may interfere with the signals transmitted by the brain to other parts of the body which can lead to Partial or Permanent paralysis and disability.

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The most common causes for a slip and fall accident are:-

  • Damp/slippery walkways,
    Poor lighting,
  • Wet floors without warning signs,
  • Property hazards such as broken stairs or hand railings,
  • Unpainted curbs-Unsafe sidewalks,
  • Obstructed paths.

Our firm’s slip-and-fall accident lawyers also try to obtain security videos and maintenance reports to determine whether the property was repaired with adequate repairs. When necessary, we review contract documents to decide if the slip-and-fall incident is the fault of a third party, such as a vendor or contractor. We remain committed to keeping all parties accountable for their carelessness.
Business enterprises in Florida owe a duty of care to the public to provide safe premises. The law has long placed a duty of care on owners of business entities. The duty requires owners to keep business visitors ‘premises relatively secure, often referred to as “invitees.” Whether its spilled juice in a supermarket aisle or a misplaced rack in a home improvement shop, unsafe conditions may have severe consequences. Head trauma, fractured bones and damaged vertebrae may all result from a slip and fall. In addition to medical costs, wages from missed jobs may be lost, and you go through extreme physical pain and suffering of course.

At the Law Office of John Vernon Moore P.A. we plan every case and a lawsuit for success. Our company’s injury lawyers collect as much information as possible to evaluate the severity of the claims and injuries. We’ll record your expenses so you’re paid in full. 

We want insurance providers to know that we are not going to be pushed into an early settlement. Our firm’s attorneys will negotiate to help you get the money is worth the case to cover medical costs, missed wages and property damages. When our clients find that the sum is unreasonable, we will proceed to the court, when necessary. 

If you have suffered a serious injury from a sidewalk trip accident or slip-and-fall accident, contact a premises liability lawyer at the Law Office of John Vernon Moore P.A.

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