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 So, several people are shocked to hear that, in the case of an emergency, they are powerless to act on behalf of a loved one. This is because another individual must be given legal authority to allow them to act on behalf of that person. 

 Even spouses (irrespective of the duration of their marriage) and parents of adult children are unable to act on behalf of their spouses or adult children without permission from the law. The grant of legal authority to act on behalf of another person can be granted by the power of attorney.

 What is a Power of Attorney?

A  Power of Attorney in Florida is a legal document delegating authority from one person to another, for the other to act on his or her behalf with regard to matters other than health care. The creator of the Power of Attorney grants in the document the right to act on behalf of the creator. What authority is conferred depends on the particular language of the Power of Attorney or the durable power of attorney. A individual giving a Power of Attorney may render it very broad or may restrict it to certain particular actions defined in the Florida Power of Attorney document.

There are three main types of powers of attorney: 

  1. General power of attorney, 
  2. Limited power of attorney
  3. Durable power of attorney

Contact our Law Office in Florida to prepare a Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a complex legal document, like most Florida estate plan documents, and there are many problems with their planning and use. At The Law Office of John Vernon Moore, located in Melbourne, Florida, we can help you implement any of the types of power of attorney that you wish to include as part of your estate plan.

A power of attorney gives control over how you choose a person you trust to manage your life matters and gives you a voice when your condition prevents you from making important personal choices. Contact us for an initial consultation for more information about how a power of attorney will contribute to your peace of mind.  

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