Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce

Dec 6, 2021 | Family Law, Practice Areas


Many individuals inquire about collaborative divorce, but few are aware of the specifics of the procedure. You and your spouse both work with their independent attorney in a collaborative divorce. Other specialists, including mediators, financial consultants, and mental health professionals, may be included in the process. Collaborative divorces are distinguished by the fact that both parties and attorneys must sign an agreement known as a participation agreement, in which everyone agrees not to file a divorce action in court until the matter is properly settled.

Collaborative divorces are very common in Florida now and if you’re seeking one, you must contact the Law Office of John Vernon Moore P.A. in Florida. Our experts further discuss the benefits of a Collaborative Divorce.

Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce has a lot of potential advantages for both parties. One of the most important advantages is the ability to keep the procedure private. Both parties agree to keep all elements of the procedure and settlement quiet, and there is no public record available because it was not filed with the court. Divorce gives couples little control over the length of the procedure or the result of their case. You won’t have to wait for a long court date, worry about scheduling, or deal with several continuances if you go through a collaborative divorce. Instead, the procedure is carried out exclusively by the parties involved, resulting in a more efficient and simplified divorce.

Collaborative divorce has the advantage of avoiding lengthy and tedious judicial fights between former spouses. The anxiety and energy required to go to court and debate with your ex in front of a judge or jury to decide who gets what in your divorce is one of the toughest parts of the process. Collaborative divorces are significantly more polite and allow you to collaborate with attorneys to reach an agreement that is acceptable to both of you. Collaborative divorce can help you save time and move things ahead more quickly. You can move the procedure ahead considerably faster because you aren’t restricted by multiple court timeframes and hearing dates. In general, individuals resolve their divorces far faster than they would if they went through traditional litigation.

During the collaborative divorce procedure, specialists are utilized in addition to your spouse and your respective attorneys. After a divorce, vocational specialists can advise on whether a spouse can simply return to the workforce. A child development specialist might also help with custody concerns. Throughout a collaborative divorce, these experts may be contacted during the litigation process, but they are more heavily depended on during the collaborative divorce process. These specialists will not only offer valuable information, but they will also assist in maintaining emotional control during the procedure.

Because you aren’t paying for high-cost fees like specialists and formal court process prep work, you could save a lot of money if you choose collaborative divorce. Instead, you and your spouse agree to meet with any relevant specialists, such as mental health experts, financial assessment experts, and others and share the costs. This is not like a regular divorce when each of you would hire your expensive specialists.

Because collaborative divorce is a consensual procedure that both couples agree to, attitudes are often different. As a result, they are more willing to work harder to reach a decent agreement and respect it once the divorce is finalized.

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Regular divorce processes may soon become chaotic and unpleasant. In a regular divorce, you are publicly opposing your ex in court, but in a collaborative divorce, you are cooperating with them. This will make it easier to move into a healthy relationship once the marriage ends, and it will also help your co-parenting abilities if you and your ex-spouse have children together.

Divorces may be extremely stressful on your mental health, therefore opting for a collaborative divorce, which is easier and less unpleasant than a regular divorce, can significantly improve your mental health. If you are going through a divorce, having an experienced and qualified family law attorney from The Law Office of John Vernon Moore, P.A. in Florida on your side will assist guarantee that you are safeguarded throughout the proceedings.

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