If You Have An Accident In A Public Place, How Do You Claim Compensation?

Jan 26, 2021 | Personal Injury, Practice Areas

Car accidents or any kind of mishaps that result in an injury in public places can be disarmingly embarrassing. They don’t just lead to physical trauma but also mental disturbance and emotionally distraught. One ends up struggling with the aftereffects of such an incident for weeks and sometimes for years. Such can be the impact of some accidents that people are left scarred for life both physically and emotionally. Your car accident lawyer will suggest you take these matters seriously. Public places comprise shopping malls, markets, roadsides and the road itself, of course, parks and parking lots and streets and schools and nightclub queues and the like. The list goes on.

People tend to get hurt in all these places and the kind of claim that arises out of this kind of accident is called a public liability claim. Ask your personal injury lawyer whether or not you are eligible for such a claim before filing a case in court. We all need to know that there are certain individuals, organizations and companies and/ or local authorities that are given the charge of these public places. They have a specific duty towards us which is basic care and security. Everyone who visits these places becomes prone to the following kinds of injuries or accidents:

· Slip and fall due to the negligence of any shop owners
· Dog Bites
· Accidents or mishaps or injuries resulting out of a brawl in a pub or bar
· Getting injured at a shop or supermarket
· Having an unpleasant accident in the park
· Getting injured in a restaurant or hotel
· Accidents in your favorite theme park
· Accidents related to festivities
· Accidents and falls/injuries at sporting events

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Your car accident or personal injury lawyer will educate you on how the people responsible for public property/ places should take this as their responsibility to provide care and safety to visitors to these places. It is their public liability. For example, if any workmen or construction engineers are working on a road or building, they should know never to leave any dangerous objects or materials or tools in the way of people walking by. The area should be secured and a boundary should be made so that nobody can enter the area and injure themselves.

4 Most Important Steps To Be Taken When And If You Get Injured In A Public Place As They Will Help Your Claim In Court:

· Write down all the details of the accident when you can.
· Keep a record of all the medical treatments you received.
· Record all the expenses made on any transport to get to your appointments.
· Ask witnesses if they could supply you with their names and address.

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