Extremely Professional

I was referred to Mr. John Moore by a friend of mine. Mr. Moore was extremely professional every time I saw him. His professionalism was in prime display during my marriage mediation. The opposing attorney was an HOUR late, came in and started verbally attacking me. John calm the situation down by pointing out (paraphrased)”…this is a place of mediation and understanding, and acting in this manner is not what we are here for…”. I knew then, that my friend was right, this is the lawyer I wanted.

This is not to say that John did not “throw down” when it came to protecting me against false allegations of abuse and calming me down in the process.

There is a time and a place for professionalism and protection, and John nailed it, every time!

I highly recommend using John for your family law needs. He argues facts, NOT EMOTIONS!!!

– Nick

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